Start. I have been trying to write this post for the past 2 weeks. Wanting to share this announcement of my year 55 grand goal.

But the perfectionist in me keeps saying “no, it’s not quite right yet…” It’s “I need to tweak the website more” or “I need to do this or that”…… I can always find something.

And so while I have been trying to get everything perfect, life happens. 2 weeks happened.

Yes, I am starting  my journey of becoming an Ironman. Yes, it will be hard work and there will be times when it would be easier to quit.

But there will never be a more perfect time.  When starting any goal we  need to embrace the fact that the most important step is that first step.

Then a second. And then maybe a big third…or even a little third step.

But keep stepping, as that keeps the momentum building.

You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.
Stephen King

But for me this goal is about so much more then just finishing a 140.6 Ironman by my 56th birthday.

Don’t get me wrong, crossing that finish line will be hugely rewarding, but so will each  milestone along with the way.

Not to mention who I will need to become to achieve this grand goal!

So as I sit here finally finishing up this post, knowing that I need to just put one foot in front of the other, I am excited, nervous (how in heavens name am I going to figure out all the logistics and resources to accomplish this!!) and a bit scared (can I really do this? what if I fall flat on my face?).

Over coming all those challenges will be part of the journey. Along with one of the primary reasons I am going to share this entire journey with you all.

All the ups and the downs. And trust me, I know there will be plenty of both!

Life is not about being perfect. It’s about following our dreams and continually growing and learning.

And just maybe one of my readers will find a little inspiration in something I share along my journey, that will spark something within them.

That is why I am not worried about being perfect. Life is truly about the journey.

So here I go on my journey to become an Ironman!!