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My Story

Maja Gray

Growing up I was always the last one picked when it came to sports.

I certainly had the heart and the team spirit, but not the natural ability, as so many of my friends.

I never realized just how deeply imbedded that became in my psyche until just recently.  I started to look back on my life and it became evident that there was a thread that ran thru all the major disappointments in my life. The disconnect between my mind seeing myself as an athlete and what I could physically do with my body. The world constantly reminding me that I was not an athlete.

My biggest heartbreak came when I was in Navy Rescue Swimmer School back in 1989. I could swim circles around the guys in my class, but when it came to our 7 mile runs…. I could not keep up and  I was sent home from  Navy Rescue Swimmer School. This didn’t just happen once, it happened twice. My Chain of Command so wanted me to pass, they did everything they could to help me to become a runner.

I was shattered.

Yes, I overcame the disappointment and went on to have a very successful 17 year career in the US Coast Guard and I don’t believe in having regrets.

Little did I know the pain of not being able to achieve that goal has stayed with me for years. If only I had been able to run.

Over the years I’ve worked at a world class health resort, I’ve worked as staff for some of the biggest Adventure Races in the world and I have worked with some of the biggest names in personal development in the area of wellness and fitness. Health & Fitness have always been a huge part of my life.

But even with all my success in life, there was something missing. Where was the disconnect between why I couldn’t be the athlete I knew was embed in my soul?

Then one day back in January 2013 I got the first glimpse of possibility.

And it changed everything.

That day in January I logged in the see this new platform for learning, CreativeLIVE.  Friends had raved about it and so sure, I’ll watch.

The class playing live at the time I decided to watch was Maintain Your Body for Long Lasting Health & Mobility by Kelly Starrett.

I was mesmerized as if Kelly was speaking directly to me. Telling me how I could get fix my shin splints once and for all, and how I could move better.  I ended up watching every moment of that 3 day live online class.

And that was just the beginning….as within a week I walked into Duke City CrossFit and started on this journey to finally unlock MY INNER ATHLETE!!

Just seeing the possibility of my being able to unleash MY inner athlete has inspired me to reach out and learn so much more about movement, mobility, nutrition and how each of us can tap into our best selves!

With my redesigned website I want to share both my journey, along with the resources and tools that have helped me.

And if I can even inspire one person to unleash their inner athlete, then I will do back flips (give me time… I will learn how to do them!!)

It’s a journey that I am still on and will be for the rest of my life.  I feel healthier and fitter now at 55 then back when I was in my twenties…so watch out world!

I believe that we become what we do repeatedly i.e. our daily habits! Your daily habits need to be in  alignment with your goals and dreams. You can’t expect to use a map of Chicago to get you to San Francisco.

Every day each of us gets to choose what we focus on, what we read, is the glass half full or empty… I choose to live each day with both a glass that is over flowing AND the mindset of CANI (Constant And Never Ending Improvement!)

I am constantly tweaking my daily habits, so that I find what works best for ME!  This combo might not work for you…but by sharing what I do every day, you might get some ideas…and so here is my current Daily Habits list:

Daily Habits